my dearest followers,

thank you so much for sticking with this blog when you could have clicked “unfollow.”

college has been really busy for me, and so i never even have time for my main blog. i will try my hardest to keep updating as much as i can though!

i think we all need inspiration to keep going and to keep being motivated sometimes :)



happiness-in-abundance said: Hey! I just stumbled across your blog and I'm in love! Check mine out? :)

Thanks lovely! :)

persevidere said: Hi! I need a little advice... Well this year is very complicated, I'm starting senior year, I have really big family issues (my grandfather is in a complicated situation) and my boyfriend is starting university. I wasn't worried at the begining, but all my family is pressing me and most of all everyone has told me that my relationship will be hard this year that probably we'll break up, that we'll not have time to be together because of the parties and studies. I love him so much, What can I do?

Hi sweetie! Sorry, I never got a notification about this message.

I say, stick together and try to test it out. You never know - I know a few couples who managed to stay together despite one person starting university or long-distance or things like that. Ask your family and whoever else has been telling you to break up their reasons for doing so, and don’t get defensive about it! Just listen to what they have to say, and make the call on your own.

Sorry again for responding so late! :( Hope everything works/worked out.